White Yuzen Chawan – Tea n' Joy
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White Yuzen Chawan

  • Name White Yuzen Chawan
  • Use For matcha green tea ceremony use
  • Size 10.7 x 7.0 cm (4.21in x 2.76in)
  • Model # 72714
  • Pottery Minoyaki Pottery Type
  • Country Made in Japan
  • Warning: Due to quality of the photo product may differ slightly. 
  • All matcha green tea cup chawans are hand made and may take several days to process after payment. So for birthday presents, or gifts buyers, please consider this before making purchase. 
  • Canister, Chasen Bamboo Whisk, Chashaku Bamboo Spoon sold separately.
Country:  Japan
Pottery:  minoyaki
Diameter:  10.7cm (4.21in)
Height: 7.0 cm (2.76in)
Box:  Box Included

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