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Shounosato Tea Canister

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While metal bodies are typical of many kinds of tea canisters, Tea n' Joy likes to take it one step further and turn the core material into an art form in and of itself! Adorned with elegant printed designs and a traditional Japanese flair, these tea canisters are as effective at bringing style to a room as they are at keeping your tea fresh. Examples of our metal canisters include our Hana Shukanoen and Kouetsu styles.

Each purchase only contains 1 tea canister. Please continue shopping to purchase other canisters to make a set.

  • Shounosato design
  • Red or Green with Gold bg color
  • Size 200
  • Weight 105g
  • Height 155mm Diameter 74mm
  • Can fill up to 200g of Green Tea (excluding Hojicha)
  • Cap and Lid included
  • Green Tea not included

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