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Mizunishiki Tea Canister

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"Mizunishiki" was a Kimono design created by one of the famous kimono company called Kobayashi Orimono. Kobayashi Orimono started in Meiji 25 (1892) in Kyoto and was famous for their exotic and beautiful kimono design. Because the design is so beautiful, they had created a brand name that was renowned for their excellence and top quality. Our tin suppliers were lucky to be able to incorporate Kobayashi Orimono's famous trademark design into making a brand new line of tin design.

  • Mizunishiki Design
  • From the maker of Kobayashi Orimono (1892)
  • Red or Blue Color
  • Weight 105g
  • Height 155mm Diameter 74mm
  • Can fill up to 200g of Green Tea (excluding Hojicha)
  • Cap and Lid included
  • Green Tea not included

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