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Matcha Ceremony Tea Set (Tea Set #359)

Organic Matcha Green Tea
  • Young green tea leaves harvested on April-June. 
  • High quality grade
  • Kyoto, Uji, Japan area harvest
  • Freshly picked and harvested
  • Japanese Ceremony Green Tea
  • Farmlands are located in isolated mountain top
  • 100% all natural organic green tea
  • 100% Organic Biomass
  • Grown under the standard of JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard)
  • USDA OCIA-NOP, JAS JONA certified
  • Net Weight 30g
  • Original Pack from Factory
  • Washi Japanese Canister included. 
Chawan Tea Bowl
  • Ippuku Shino Tataki Sakura Matcha Chawan
  • Ippuku = "One Cup"
  • Japanese Chawan (matcha ceremony use)
  • 9.50cm x 6.50cm (3.74in x 2.56in)
  • Model # KE47132
Chasen Bamboo Whisk
  • Bamboo
  • Chajimi (ear)
  • Hosaki
  • Thick Bamboo Base for better grip
  • Clear Plastic Case


    1. Begin by measuring out your Matcha powder. 2-3 grams of Matcha powder—or one scoop from the Chashaku—should be enough. Carefully pour the Matcha into your Chawan.

    2. Pour hot water up to approximately the halfway point on the Chawan.

    3. Holding the Chasen in three fingers, use a brisk, short left-to-right motion to whisk the tea in order to blend the powder. Try not to let water splash out. Continue until a light green foam begins to appear.

    4. Shake the whisk off and put it aside. Now you can enjoy your Matcha Green Tea! Hold the Chawan in both hands and savor the complex flavors!

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