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Ceramic Mini Tea Set (Luck & Prosperity)

Ceramic Mini Tea Set (Luck & Prosperity)

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This ceramic tea set has the classic calligraphy characters of "Luck" and "Prosperity" on the body of the teapot. This tea set is great for Chinese gongfu style tea brewing. Items in this set are smaller than modern teapots and teacups because the tradition gongfu tea preparation method consists of many servings from one tea sitting. The entire contents of each brew can be quickly emptied after each infusion. This assures that the tea is served without the bitterness that may occur when tea leaves are left to steep too long.

The tea set includes the following:

  • 1 small teapot (approximate capacity: 250ml or 8.5 fl oz; 2 3/4” h x 4 1/4” w x 5 3/4” l) 
  • 4 small teacups (approximate dimension: 1 3/8" ht, 2 1/8" dia)
  • Internal filter at the end of the teapot spout

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