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Porcelain Tea Set (Lotus Flower)

Porcelain Tea Set (Lotus Flower)

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Relax and enjoy your tea with this elegant high quality porcelain tea set. This tea set has a lotus flower as the design. In Buddhism the lotus flower symbolizes purity of the heart and spiritual growth. In additional to the picture of a lotus flower, this tea set also has a poem written with Chinese calligraphy. The poem describes that the lotus flower growing from the muddy water without getting stained in dirt. The tea set includes the following:

  • 1 teapot (approximate capacity: 800 ml or 27.2 fl oz) 
  • 6 teacups (approximate dimension: 2 3/8" dia, 3" ht) 
  • 1 stainless steel filter (approximate dimension: 2 5/8" dia, 1 7/8" ht) 
  • Internal filter at the end of the teapot spout
  • Free tea included

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