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Aizome Green Tea Canister

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Aizome (藍染め) is a Japanese dyeing technique that is hundreds of year old. “Aizome” means “indigo dye”, referring to the rich blue color. Tea n' Joy offers six different patterns, each with its own unique, beautiful design. These canisters are covered with Washi, a traditional decorative paper. The airtight lid included can keep tea fresh for a long time.  

Each purchase only contains 1 tea canister. Please continue shopping to purchase other canisters to make a set.

  • Aizome Indigo Dye
  • Available in 6 different designs
  • Each Sold Separately
  • Weight 105g (3.7oz)
  • Height 155mm (6.1in)
  • Diameter 74mm (2.9in)
  • Can fill up to 200g (7oz) of tea leaves
  • Air tight plastic lid included
  • Green Tea not included
  • Made in Japan

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