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Rewards Program

Tea n' Joy Rewards Program

Tea n' Joy is committed to bringing the world’s finest teas and accessories to our loyal customers. We know that there are many specialty tea vendors out there, so we thank you for your patronage. Without our loyal customers we would not have had the opportunity to share the finest with you!

As a thank you to our customer base and a way to spread the word about our products, we have initiated the Tea n' Joy Rewards Program. Features of our loyalty program "Reward for More Actions" include:

  • Awarded 200 points to customers who signup an account after your points program is launched.
  • When a customer refers their friend
    Give 500 points to the referring customer.
    Give 10% coupon to the referred customer.
    (Customers will earn points when their friends makes their first purchase)
    (Each referred customer gets a unique discount code)
  • Awarded 500 points to Customer birthday points (Customers must enter their date of birth at least 1 month before being rewarded)
  • Awarded 100 points to Customer for Sharing on Facebook, Liking page on Facebook, Following on Instagram, or Sharing on Twitter (Customers will only earn points on their first share)
  • The opportunity to obtain a FREE cupping tea sample(s) of select Tea n' Joy brand loose leaf teas when qualify for free shipping.
  • The exclusive opportunity to provide feedback on potential future products and services.
  • Member-only specials, receive notifications featuring discounts on select teas and tea brewing accessories.
  • Receive notifications and sneak peeks at upcoming sale items ahead of time.

**The promotion code we will provide you in email can be used on each order you place with us. During the check out process on our website, you will prompted to enter any promotion codes we have provided you. Please note that there is a limit of only one code per order. When we add new promotion codes each season, we will let you know the details so you can take full advantage of this program!