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Chinese Teapot (Bamboo Style Stone Teapot)

Chinese Teapot (Bamboo Style Stone Teapot)

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This stunning stone teapot has a traditional bamboo style design and an internal filter at the end of the spout. It is made of Wooden Fish Stone, also named Wood Grained Jade, which has an appearance of red sandalwood color. The stone material is dispersed over the Manshou Hill area within the territory of the Changqiang County in China. Throughout the ages Wooden Fish Stone teawares are renowned for their unique artistry incorporating the concepts of beauty and natural harmony.

This teapot is smaller than modern teapots because the traditional Chinese tea preparation method consists of many servings from one tea sitting. The entire contents of each brew can be quickly emptied after each infusion. This assures that the tea is served without the bitterness that may occur when tea leaves are left to steep too long.

Comes ready in a beautiful plywood gift box lined with satin.

Approximate Capacity: 8.5 fl oz (250 ml)

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